About Us

About Us


The Reason Behind Baby Guru

There are a lot of things i learnt after having my first baby. Unconditional love, Patiance, Perserverance and in addition to that, a whole new world of products!

The Begining

We got educated about branded products, their composition, ingredients and all that also led to help me choose what is best for my baby and family! And thus we decided to start Baby guru, to provide Indian Parents a one-stop solution for their family’s needs. 

The Challenge

Chosing from so many brands products was quite overwhelming. Our baby led us through it all, accepting and rejecting various Creams, Food products, Diapers etc.

The Solution

That’s where, we started baby guru, to make sure not all parents have to go through the same hassle we had to experience. Baby Guru brings to you an assortment of various products from well known International Brands for you and your baby. So jump in and explore what’s best for you and your baby.


Overall Health

All our products are safe healthy, we make sure to do multiple checks on the product’s validity before shipping.

International Brands

All our products are from internationally acclaimed brands, who are world leaders in their respective product category, where their sole focus is on product quality.

Wide Range

We have a wide range of products from internationally acclaimed brands for your baby and the entire family.

Best Quality

At Baby Guru, we aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and to attain it, Product quality is our main priority.